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Danny June Smith - Sängerin & Songschreiberin

Singing straight from the heart

Great that you’ve found your way here.

The following pages are chock-a-block full of information about Danny June Smith.
She’s a singer, songwriter and bandleader for the groups Danny June’s Trail, Danny’s little Tennessee, and J.U.N.E. - Acoustic Music, not to mention several solo and duet projects, who’s taken home a number of German Rock and Pop Awards.

There’s no distance she won’t go to in order to share her music and positive vibes with fans, current and future.

Danny’s best known for country music, oldies and folk, though she’s happy to sing pop rock, classical music and musical theatre, as well as German schlager hits, French chanson, and Latin music.

Her feeling, her rhythm, and her love of music and people are just as tangible as her musicality, talent and passion.


(Frank Sinatra)

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